Monday, September 15, 2008

Adventures in Street Preaching

A few weeks back I confronted the debauchery near Itaipu Beach (Niterói, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil). I found out there was to be a "micareta" (an off-season "Carnaval" - or Mardi Gras) that afternoon and evening, so I went "alone" (but not without God) to take a stand for the Truth as people headed out. Got lots of jeers and mock "conversions," but they heard. A local church called Bola de Neve (Snow Ball) Church had about 20 youth handing out tracts ahead of me, so everyone got a "double whammy" that night! I am also starting to preach weekly with a local pastor who preaches "repent & believe" too!

I preached after a missions conference speaking engagement this past Saturday (9/13) with 4 others, and a merchant marine from Fortaleza sat and listened for at least 30 minutes. He told me after that what I was preaching was really "messing" with him, but he had been away from his family for 5 months and was finding it hard to be in that area due to the prostitution. We invited him to the evening service at the nearby church and told him to go over to the Plaza Shopping to get away from the temptation. He agreed and left. I don't always get to see results, but I'm praying that this guy - Flávio - will run to the cross now that the hard ground of his heart has been plowed up by God's Law.

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