Monday, November 23, 2009


A ministry partner (i.e., financial/prayer supporter) of ours reacted to my previous blog entry (see below). I thought it would interesting to share here what I wrote to her:

You're right. Not everyone is called to be a street preacher, but we are ALL called to witness! Yes, members of our local body need caring for as well, but I believe that we should care for one another always with the goal of getting each other back out into the "fray." In other words, I look at the local church as, first and foremost, a military unit. Our common bond is as soldiers of Christ. We sometimes get hurt and need medical attention (I reject the analogy of the church as a hospital; it can have that function regarding some members, but as a military hospital, it exists to heal soldiers so that they can be productive soldiers again.), but always with the goal of getting back out into the battle.

The main battle I see before us - biblically - is the evangelization of the world (although Jude 3 says that we should contend/battle for the purity of the faith). Everything else is subservient to that purpose: worship services, special ministries, Sunday School, bible studies - which exist to prepare soldiers for the battle (for hearts and minds - for souls).

In the military, during wartime, every non-combatant role exists to prepare, supply, and support those who are on the front lines. Everyone knows his or her function. The analogy breaks down a bit here because, in the case of God's army, everyone is called to do battle for souls to some degree. In other words, there should be no "desk jockeys" in God's army. But the aspect of the army's priorities apply to any army, God's or otherwise.

So, what best would characterize your church? A military unit, a hospital, a night club, a counseling center . . . or what? As scary as it may appear to be, let's make it our goal to be soldiers of the cross with all that role implies. In my case I, along with my wife, have been deployed to the front lines overseas. In your case, your role may be that of "homeland security." Either way, we have a job to do, and our commander-in-chief (not Obama) deserves a 100% effort, doesn't He?

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